Choosing a suitable Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is known to provide a perfect complexion when applied well on the face, mark the word well, because when wrongly used, you won’t look any different from a person who has fallen on loam soil. When you correctly apply powder foundation on your face, you certainly will look very appealing, and most people will find it hard to resist your good looks while walking down the streets. Applying powder foundation requires some knowledge so that you won’t pack a lot to try hiding that redness or apply less to look like you’ve done nothing. Choosing the type of powder foundation is also very crucial. Most people go for the cheapest products saying that it’s just the same product, why should they go for somethingfoundation application expensive, and this is very wrong. Some have devastating skin effects and very many side effects. It’s good to always go for the best. Lancome Powder Foundation is one trusted foundation that has ever witnessed positive feedbacks and very many users all across the world. Most women are lured with its ease-of-use and a very appealing sleek cover design. The powder itself is also very smooth, shiny and packed with a soft brush.

When you go to the market to buy one of this products, and this doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, there are certain things you need to look for.

Choose a matching color

Buying a wrong-colored foundation is very devastating. You should check the color of the foundation on natural light or a well-lit place. You also should take different photo elevations of your face after you’ve applied the product. Make sure to buy a well skin-conforming foundation that won’t try recoloring how your face looks.

Pick a good application coverage

under-nose applicationDifferent areas of your face are applied not using the same item. We have the fluffy brush, the flat brush, and a sponge. All these are used differently for optimal facial appearance. When applying foundation on your whole face, a sponge is much more suitable. After applying everywhere using the sponge, a fluffy brush is then used to apply a smooth finished outward look all around the face. The flat brush is somehow distinct because of its suitability of using in areas around the nose and eyes.


Powder is only re-applied when the previous one is already dried up. Reapplying before drying will only distort your appearance. Reapplying your powder at the right time gives a very refreshing look.