Current Trends In Apps Development

Because of the increased use of smartphones around the world, the number of applications that people use has also boomed. With giants like Google and Apple application stores housing over 2 million applications each, these figures are not prospected to drop soon. Application development is no longer tied to smartphones but has also been used in new technology e.g. wearables and IOT among others. Over the past year, apps based with cloud servers and services have gathered a lot of attention due to the ability to share data and sync it in real time with a device. This has led to many innovations. Here are some prospected app trends to look out for.

New mobile app trends

Location Based ServiceLocation Based Service

Almost all smartphone manufacturers have mounted a GPS chip onto their products since it has now become a default feature in modern age development. Therefore this has lightened the task for app developers in creating applications providing real-time information on their locale. Implementations of location-based services are no longer just for navigation but are prospected to improve in areas such as retail offers, travel or tourism, Locale-payment portals among others. Technical giants are investing heavily in LBS space making beacon tech more popular. Hardware improvements are also in development phase since this feature tends to drain battery life quicker.

Augmented reality in app (AR)

Applications using AR are always tied to promotional duty in the past years. This has not been the case in recent years where apps are now integrating AR into more useful jobs e.g. wearables have used AR tools effectively, messenger apps recognize wording and phrases. Catchphrases are flagged and popups provided in various integrated apps in devices for example when a person texts using the word ‘coffee’ a calendar or LBS app can open and provide details on the nearest coffee shop.

Android Instant applications

Google’s announcement recently of the release of Android apps that run instantly, has been a new trend setter. This feature allows a user to directly use an application from the store without having to download it. These apps are going to be efficient since there’s no need for memory and no data required so as to install it. These features are still under development, and available ones are prototypes to help impact the idea of this experience.

Apps with Embedded AI

Developers are thinking of new innovative ways of integrating artificial intelligence in their apps. For instance, wallpaper or theme that sets itself depending on the mood you are in. Machine learning is a topic that is still under intensive research and prototypes of AIs have been availed but are still not satisfactory. This possibility is an exciting endeavor and will soon be made possible.

Internet of Things

IoT as an industry is one of the booming technologies at hand. This means applications that effect this feature and integrate it in the best way will profit the best. Development will indulge the use of complex platforms and backend architecture to create an infrastructure that will communicate by exchanging data between devices.