Handy and unique things for your camping trip

Oh, the joy of camping. An activity to enjoy out in nature engulfed in the warm caress of the sunlight and sleeping under the stars. Just you, the wilderness, and a bunch of brilliant gadgets and gear. Going back to nature with camping is not what it used to be. Over the years, the art of camping and its concepts have changed. With the rise of technology and our basic need for convenience, people have come out with various tools and devices to help you ease your way out with camping. Some of these devices are unique or something you would have never thought of, but luckily someone thought of it, and you can have it to bring to your next camping trip.

Solar cookers

solarCooking your meal with the heat of a wood burning fire is a major event during camping trips. But campfires only provide so much regarding modes of cooking. When bringing a propane cooker, there is just too much stuff that it entails, and with the need to carry additional fuel sources, it will weigh down your backpack which isn’t good for your back. The solution is the outdoor solar cooker which is a cooker that is powered by the sun. It is not only practical, but it is also environmentally friendly since it does use a sustainable power source. You can cook up a delicious meal for your fellow campers without worrying about abusing the earth’s limited natural resources.

Water bottle cap lights

Water and light; pretty essential things to have while camping. Heck, they are pretty essential things for life. With this handy dandy object, light and water come together to make your camping trip a little bit easier. This is a water bottle that has a cap with lights that can be used for storing water for drinking and also providing illumination when you need it. There is also one that is solar-powered if you are interested in the sustainability of our earth. With this water bottle cap light, you won’t have to bring two separate things since it ensures that you have an emergency light on your drinking bottle without taking up any of your precious space.

Inflatable tents

tentSetting up a tent is a tedious job for first-time campers. It is also one that is not to be looked forward to by the more experienced ones. Setting up the poles and making sure it won’t fall when you sleep takes effort. For all you lazy campers out there, an inflatable tent might be just for you. This tent requires no poles or rope ore stakes to deal with. All you have to do is simply to roll it up, pump it to inflate it, and voila your tent is all set up and ready for a good night’s sleep.